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We cover a wide range of product and services.
We are also system integrator where to provide customized solution to meet the need of different customer.

Our Exceptional Solutions


Moving Business Toward Cloud & Automation


Cloud HR help companies to automate repeating tasks such as auto-generate payslips, online claim and even validating attendance using app with camera & GPS. Start at as low as RM6/month.


Gone are the days with accounting software installed on a computer that can only be accessed by personnel based in office. Cloud accounting is not just the new trend but it will also reduce your overhead significantly!


Are you automating your marketing process? Managing a group of sales rep but getting overwhelmed by follow up tasks? SEO? Online Marketing campaign metrics? It's time for cloud marketing, sales and customer relationship management tool.


Ever wonder how to automate repeating tasks so the company can spend more time in more important area? Ultimately to improve your services to your client and reduce unseen cost caused by double-handling and error? Go Cloud.

Save Electric While Living Green

Which appliances consume most power at home?

Air Conditioning

Cooling element usually has the highest energy consumption in Malaysia household or office. Use low power aircon to save your electric bill. Contact us for energy audit.

Water Heater

Water heater also has one of the highest power consumption at home. Use Solar heater to save your electric bils for the next 15 years or more.

Item that will help in saving bills & living green


It is no secret that LED lighting saves electric but the caveat is only good quality lights can give you the return you wanted. We are SIRIM approved factory based in Sabah.

Water Filter

Use water filter that does not use electricity or with smart control will help reduce your electric bill. We provide world class quality filter with affordable price that will ensure you have clean water for you and your family.

Smart Control

Want to control your aircon using App wireless or remotely? Want to set timer for your aircon or lights to on/off at a certain time? We provide smart control. Useful for Airbnb operators.

Tinted Film

One way to save electric is by reducing heat entering your home through glass windows or walls. Use high tech film not only can save electricity, but it can also block 99% of harmful UV.

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Software Development IT Solution

We help our client produce taylor-made software on either web or mobile application. These applications may be used for internal management, tracking or even corporate website. We may also integrate hardware solutions like barcode scanner or IoT system to meet customer's need.

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SME Service Management

We help our client to manage their finance for example Account management and Employee Payroll.
Beside that, we also help the SME to Market their brand and strenghten their Corporate Identity through Web Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Analytic, Market Research

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Fintech Yape Cash

Yape Cash is an Fintech solution designed to solve local problems in Sabah. The founder goal is tackle solutions that benefit not for the mass, but for the niche as well. The app provides users way to carry out remittance straight from the app. Other features include mobile top-up, international reload, purchase of insurance and bill payment.

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Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technology

In the world of automation, information technology, and all things connected to the internet. Industry 4.0 seems inevitable, we have spent substantial time and effort in research in this area. We work closely with universities to create solutions in the realm of industry 4.0. These include customized IoT solutions such as remote monitoring, remote control of actuator or analyse the data collected with artificial intelligence. Our solutions focus not only household but also the local industries.

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Renewable Energy & Storage Power

Our company believes clean energy is the future. That's why we involved in renewable energy such as solar panels and solar heaters. Our solutions include inverters that can be standalone or double as UPS where different type of batteries technology can be used to provide back up power. As a system integrator, we help our customer design the best solution for them, even integrating custom designed software solution if needed.

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LED Lighting Illuminaire

In the world of information technology, light has become smart inevitably. This has prompt us to carry out research on technology relating to lighting such as integrating IoT solutions. We are not content with just trading of LED Lighting solution but we want to provide customer better after sales service by venturing into manufacturing. The factory and facilities enable us to provide a better back up support due to the close proximity to the customer.

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Consultancy Management

We and our associates have collaborated in the construction industries by providing services such as Architectural, Civil & Structural, Mechanical & Electrical designs and interior design. We handle customers' submission to the authority and also act as Project Management Consultant.

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Design & Build Management

Some customer prefer one stop centre for their project. We provide customer a peace of mind solution where they can appoint us a design and build contractor The customer can also appoint us as contractor only if they decided to carry out their own design.

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Health & Safety Management

We are proud to be the official marketing partner for National Institute of Organisation Safety & Health (NiOSH) under Ministry of Human Resource. Beside wide range of training, we can also provide consultation and involve in trading of health and safety products.

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Lanscaping Contracting

We have private nursery station in Tawau with wide range of shrubs under the care of our experienced planters. Meanwhile, we provide household maintenance and planting service in Tawau.

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Logistic Management

We provide economical logistic solution for our customer from China to Malaysia via sea freight.

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Waste Management Management

As part of our commitment to provide better solutions and damage control to the environment cause by waste, we reduce waste by working on plastic recycling and we improve the cityscape with dumpsite monitoring system.

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Water Purification System Solution

We are proud to be the official 3M dealer for purification. 3M is a Fortune 100 companies that produces high quality products. With the modern world full of contamination, clean water source has become more of a scarce resources. With 3M purification solutions, you will have peace of mind for you and your family water consumption including clean and safe drinking water.